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The Life of George Morland

The Life of George Morland by Dawe, George

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Seller: E. C. Rare Books
The Life of George Morland
Dawe, George
E. C. Rare Books (Canada)
Dawe, GeorgeLondon: Dickinson's, 1904. First Edition. Hardcover. Dickinson s, London, 1904. Hardcover. Book Condition: Near Fine. First Edition Thus. Book. Folio - over 12. No. 16 of 175 of the Edition de Luxe printed on Japon Vellum paper, Bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, with 11 hand-colored plates, 51 other black and white plates. xxxiv + 196 pp. Morland was late eighteenth century artist revered especially for his treatment of pre-Industrial Age rural life, often of human subjects of modest means, and of animals, sometimes as the primary subject of his work but more often as part of the genre scene including people. His work came to be treasured for its nostalgic quality, as his subjects are typically of contented farmers, squires, lasses, maidens and wives at play or work, and it can seem that Morland was prescient in anticipating that this would soon be so. To most people his work is best known for its reproduction in prints, and this reflects his very accessibility while possibly compromising his critical reputation in the long-run. This book greatly expands upon a biography of Morland issued shortly after his death in 1804, and indeed was issued on the centennial of his death.1250.